1 Compartment Perforated Locker

1 Compartment Perforated Locker


The Single Compartment range of Perforated door lockers available from Simply Lockers are available in a range of sizes. Each perforated door locker has a full length compartment for the storage of garments and a small compartment at the top of the locker for the storage of personal effects.

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We recommended the 305mm wide x 305mm deep perforated door locker for the storage of most full length garments, and in particular the 305mm wide x 457mm deep perforated door locker for more bulky garments to be stored. Hanging rails can be added to enable coat hangers to be used. All lockers will have additional door perforations to allow for increased ventilation within the locker. Where space is a premium, we recommend to consider a twin locker or a two person locker. (both found in the utility lockers section of this site). These perforated door lockers are particularly useful for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Industrial and Construction Applications, Health and Fitness centres and Leisure Centres. (Photo is indicative of type of locker offered and not necessarily the exact design)